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sq_bul.gif (888 bytes)  3-D Modeling
Starting with your concept or preliminary data, we'll prepare 3-dimensional solid models of your product or assembly. Model quality will support Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Computer Analysis. 
sq_bul.gif (888 bytes)  Mechanical Design
We perform design tasks based on your criteria, including concept verification, digital mock-up, assembly design, and tolerance studies.
sq_bul.gif (888 bytes)  Drafting
We will prepare Engineering drawings that conform to your drafting standards.
sq_bul.gif (888 bytes)  Drawing Conversion
Are you burdened with stacks of obsolete hand drawings? We convert legacy data into fully functional electronic models for the modern manufacturing environment.
sq_bul.gif (888 bytes)  Tool Design
With over 20 years experience, we reduce manufacturing costs and tooling expenses with our no-nonsense approach. We design a broad range of tooling, including Assembly Jigs, Machine Fixtures, and Test Equipment.
sq_bul.gif (888 bytes)  Project Management
We provide procurement assistance, manufacturing and tool liaison, and related tasks necessary to complete your project.