Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Exploded View
Cutaway View

Our Design Guidelines

  • Minimize geometric complexity.
  • Minimize the number of process operations.
  • Minimize the number of components in assemblies.
  • Minimize critical interfaces in assemblies.
  • Verify tolerances are within process capabilities.
  • Maximize ease of assembly.
  • Foolproof the assembly.

Machined Parts

We help reduce setup and machine time by minimizing the number of operations, cutters, and deep pockets.

Castings and Molded Parts

We consider the location of bosses, cores, and parting lines in their relation to material flow. We select datum targets that facilitate inspection and serve as the basis for any subsequent machining operations.


We reduce variation within assemblies by limiting the number of critical interfaces (datums) on the component parts and using tolerance analysis to allocate tolerances and verify fit.